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SUNSEEKER – yachts second hand on French Riviera

"When Robert Braithwaite started up the engine of a small, open-cockpit speedboat in 1969, it wasn’t just th[...]

PRINCESS YACHTS – second hand on French Riviera

"Your yacht is an extension of yourself. A statement of your lifestyle. She needs to deliver unforgettable exp[...]

ISA YACHTS – pre owned on French Riviera

"Quality has always been at the heart of our projects. This is where the ability to create tailor made dreams [...]

COLUMBUS – yachts second hand on the French Riviera

Palumbo Superyachts began to take root in 2008, when the Columbus Yachts brand was established, and in 2011 la[...]

BAGLIETTO – pre owned on French Riviera

No one BAGLIETTO yachts is the same because every shipowner is exceptional, and every project born in BAGLIETT[...]

AZIMUT YACHTS – pre owned on the French Riviera

Our used AZIMUT YACHTS will meet your expectations. Please contact us to find out about other models of Azimut[...]

ARCADIA YACHTS – pre owned on French Riviera

In classical literature, ARACADIA was an idyllic land where people lived in perfect harmony with Nature.[...]

Buy a new SANLORENZO yacht

For more than 60 years, SANLORENZO SPA has built custom yachts respecting the choice and needs of their owners[...]

CUSTOM LINE – FERRETTI- yachts second hand on French Riviera

During 35 years of practice, Georges Damonte has forged an expert eye in the sale of used yachts on the French[...]

Riva – used yachts on French Riviera

Our used RIVA yachts will meet your expectations. Do not hesitate to call us to find out about other models [...]

Buying a new PERSHING yacht

Pershing is an inventive company that has established itself as the main manufacturer of fiberglass sports yac[...]


The RIVA shipyard was created in 1842 on Lake Iseo, in Sarnico-Italy. It was a devastating storm - which irrev[...]