Why Damonte Yachts

Listening and understanding you


understand your expectations and those of your loved ones

In a wide selection of Yachts for sale existing on the market, there are always good opportunities and delicate business.

Thanks to 35 years of experience and its knowledge of the yachting market, DAMONTE YACHTS CONSULTING supports you in your search and offers yachts whose history is known, and in most cases which have already been sold by us.

We prefer to offer yachts that we have met the owner and that have been inspected by DYC.

Our neutral position allows us an objective speech.

Boating most often requires a relation of trust, discreet work, a human relationship based on confidentiality.

It is precisely on this point that DYC makes the difference by being closer and much more available compared to a heavy structure and with many players in which you will be considered as a source of income pending in a long list of contacts.

For DYC, each client is privileged and we want to devote time to it.

It is our privilege to serve you.

We work with the best maritime experts to give a technical opinion and guarantee a serene character to your acquisition.

We consider that your confidence is acquired during the renewal of the next yacht.

During all these years we have collaborated with these shipyards :

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