How to choose, how to adapt,
quality first and foremost

DAMONTE YACHTS CONSULTING (DYC) is an essential link when it comes to buy a yacht. Many parameters come into the deal and their management is often tedious but decisive for your project to turn into a dream.


The first step is to list all the right questions such as the type of ship and its design according to your navigation program.

The size required for the number of cabins you want.

Do you want private use or rental?

What type of tender is right for you?

And finally, what budget do you want allocated for your future yacht.


The good choice.

You have to think long term.

More than corresponding to your use, the right choice should allow you to hire your boat if you wish, or to resell it quickly to change it.

Thanks to DYC's experience that this will be possible.

DYC will help you find the best compromises in a large used market.

DYC constantly interacts with all sources of information but also with others brokerage companies to find the best choice at the best price without additional costs. 


The purchase offer or letter of intent.

It consists of offering the right price and securing the future sales contract.

All sales documents come from the MYBA association (Mediterranean yacht brokers association) or national maritime office , they are legal and used by the entire international yachting industry. We can recommend a maritime lawyer specializing in this type of transaction and fully aware of the entire procedure to assist you and defend your rights.

DYC is there to advise you on a price based on the market and the true value of the product. A letter of intent is signed to confirm the price and end the deal before signing the final sales contract.

There is always a sea trial with a lift hull inspection and an survey on your behalf.

We are in contact with the best independent experts to guarantee a total transparency on the state of the vessel. 

DYC is always present during these technicals stages.


The sales contract or memorandum of agreement

The MYBA contract or MOA (memorandum of agreement) is signed, taking care to collect and verify all the technical and legal documents as well as the fiscal situation of the vessel to guarantee registration in your name.


The delivery

It is always carried out after confirmation of receipt of funds by the seller,

with the delivery of all originals documents allowing registration.


After sales.

Service is as important as advice, we consider after-sales as the continuity of a business that we have carried out together.

Let's get in touch to make your dream a reality