How to rent a yacht

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It starts first with a phone call because human contact is essential to better understand your desires.


Most companies process the charter through a booking platform and let the crew welcome you.

Damonte Yachts Consulting acts from the first contact and, whatever your destination, we will be physically there to welcome you for the boarding.

It is a privilege for us to be able to do it!


Chartered a yacht is the most luxurious way to organize your vacation and discover the magical destinations offered by the sea.


Organizing such a trip requires a lot of attention and personalization to make your experience unique.


We recommend  you to book your yacht at least six month in advance to ensure the best choice and to get time to organize the best program on navigation. Please be aware that some yachts are in high demand and are booked one year in advance.

Also consider if you want to have a private event on board, to allow us to organize with the crew.


All kinds of activities can be organized on board and ashore such as diving in exotic reefs or lounging on a white sandy beach; dine in a five-star restaurant, stroll through the typical streets of the seaside village, the possibilities are great.

There are also special events to enhance your vacation during the Cannes Film Festival, the Monaco Grand Prix or the prestigious America’s Cup.


Thanks to a network of charter professionals, the destinations are endless, but the main activity is concentrated in the Mediterranean, the French Riviera, the Pacific and the Caribbean.


The usual duration is 7 days from Saturday to Saturday. This duration can be longer and depending on the size of the boat it is also possible to rent for a shorter period.


The crew is there to serve you as in a palace. The captain offers an “à la carte” itinerary. The chef offers menus according to your budget and your taste.

Confidentiality is essential and we can offer you a non-disclosure clause in the contract.


The rental price includes the yacht ,its maintenance, insurance and crew service. However, fuel, food, consumables, berths are paid separately. We call it Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA).

It’s about 20 to 30% of the charter in addition and paid in advance. All expenses are paid by the captain who keeps daily accounts. At the end of the period, the unspent sums are reimbursed.


We must not forget the VAT which differs according to the country and sometimes even at several rates in the same country.

All tax information will be given to you before booking.

Damonte Yachts offers professional charter yachts and does not hesitate to collaborate with other colleagues to be sure to find the right choice at the right price without additional costs.

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