centralize and optimize to negotiate
in the best conditions



Selling a yacht requires a combination of knowledge, experience, reflex, and the ability to negotiate at the highest level in order to reach a signed contract and get the right price.


The exclusive mandate or the central agent.

Based on the experience of our yachting activity and over several years of observation, the best approach is to appoint a central agent to manage the entire sales process.

You thus have only one trusted contact with whom there will be only one commercial speech.


The mission of the central agent is not to make the sale absolutely alone to get the highest commission rate.

It is to spread information to the best brokers and to all valid contact in order for them to inform their clienteles.

Its mission is that the sale is carried out as quickly and to the best commercial conditions, the commission will come after.

Thus, requests for information, visits, offers, negotiation will be carried out through a single channel in consultation with you in order to keep control of the sales process.


The brochure and the listing.

These documents are produced by DAMONTE YACHTS CONSULTING (DYC) with visit on board and with the help of the captain or yourself. The brochure is produced with a professional camera to guarantee the best image quality. If necessary, depending on the yacht, a video of the interiors and in navigation is produced by an audiovisual professional.

DYC attaches great importance to the technical listing and to the equipment that can be taken up by the expert.


Today's marketing is no longer that of yesterday ...

We need global and interactive coverage via Internet.

The new DYC site (2019) benefiting from the latest technologies in terms of referencing and presentation.

We are fully aware of the importance and effectiveness of social media, even for a yacht.

A buyer is not looking for a yacht to sell on a social network but he is there for exchange emotion with his relatives and friends.

DYC is present on large generalist websites, consulted by prospects and professionals, but also on the main social networks through targeted advertisements.

We regularly inform our database and brokers by sending newsletters.

We also target advertising campaign on Google.


Despite all these virtual resources, we are in daily contact in ports and in the offices of our colleagues as we believe in human relation.

Let's get in touch to make your dream a reality